A couple of words about how we see our role as architects and how we practise what we call architecture. Above all, we enjoy designing. We derive pleasure from what we do. We want to offer something which, to put it simply, will be beautiful but also functional. Even more, we would like what we design to be useful and to give pleasure to those for whom it is intended. We like clean lines, clear-cut surfaces, in an awareness of the cohesion of thoughts and actions which produces these qualities.
Design requires a starting-point. A trigger. Sometimes this is devised and sometimes it is provided by the future resident, who will formulate his needs in his own way. We design details and attach particular importance to these. It is our way of seeing and understanding what surrounds us. We also believe that it is these which determine the quality of any relations. It is, in any event, the reason why we want to supervise our own works. It is with the same care that we design small as well as large works. Each work nurtures the next; in a certain way, it communicates. We aim at this continuity. Keeping down cost has developed into a dogma in design. It now guides and develops aesthetic approaches, while also shaping and amending existing ways of thinking. In a strange way, it broadens the limits of design which we test by the design of a complex work as well as of an object.