The conception of the building was dictated by the need for correlation and continuity with the architectural environment of the Gasworks (Gazi) buildings. It proposes a typology of residences with the same characteristics which are graduated on a small, medium, large, and very large scale of magnitudes. The building mass is situated on the outer side of the site, thus giving to the unimproved area the character of an inner courtyard. The awkward shape of the site provides the basis of composition for a complex - functional solution for the building. The three angles become its entrance portals. At the western end, the acute point leads to the shaping of a two-storey 'melting-pot' which invites the passer by to enter or to pause. The building's central entrance is sited in the angle of the complex. The vertical core lies in the extension of the overground - open-air traffic which starts out from the 'melting-pot' entrance and runs through the rear of the building mass. It resolves the meeting of the two building units, forming a cleft which extends to the full height of the building. The entrance to the garage is at the eastern end. The work was carried out in collaboration with the architect Stelios Koutsikos and on behalf of the CF Company.

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