2005 - 2009
The new proposal wished to correct the old layout of the two-storey house, which caused problems. Extensive clearing out has led to the unification of kitchen, sitting-room, dining-room, and internal stairwell, which previously had been cut off. The previously downgraded lightshaft of the party wall was promoted into a centre-weighted point in new layout, bringing light and air into the 'bowels' of the house. A new staircase - helix was installed; this rises up symbolically towards the roof as a continuation of the interior traffic. The large plate glass windows on either side of the bathroom and kitchen which look out through the lightshaft - atrium now make possible constant monitoring, depending upon the time of day and the lighting conditions prevailing. In the spirit of retaining the old shell, the children's room has acquired an interior aperture on to the sitting-room and the internal staircase. The ground floor has been provided with access to the garden by means of an amphitheatrical arrangement.
Photographs: Ioannis Exarchou