1996 - 2000
The landscaping of Pythagora Square and of the surrounding area in Samos was the subject of a Panhellenic architectural competition in 1996, in which it was awarded the first prize. All the stages of the designs were put into effect, the work was put out to tender, and construction proceeded under the supervision of the design team. The design was not realised in its entirety. Today, the work has already undergone considerable impairment. The composition design distinguished important features of the square which were linked with the place's collective memory in order to ensure the required historical continuity of the locality, and retained them. It proposed the construction of three prismatic components in the shape of a 'Γ' which organised old and new parts of the square. The low-level prismatic features, apart from delimiting uses and spaces which also functioned as seating, had the property of dividing or uniting the public space as required. This work was carried out in collaboration with the architect Panos Dragonas.