2007 -
The remodelling of Heroes' Square in the Municipality of Elefsina was the subject of a Panhellenic architectural competition in 2007.
The area of the design forms part of the historical palimpsest of the broader region, a fact which determined the measure of the intervention. The proposal wishes to constitute a mild intervention with a minimum of constructions. It concentrates mainly on the elaboration of the paving, which hints at stops as sub-units and zones of movement through the alternation of the materials proposed. Nevertheless, the articulation of the traces of earth which make reference to the ancient route and has the symbolic character of a pathway is regarded as of central importance. The choice of earth is seen as important for the proposal as it is linked with the archaeological site and the way in which this penetrates the urban fabric and the everyday life of the city. It is also linked with a potential excavation of the Sacred Way itself, as well as with the attribute of the earth as a material which is reminiscent of the mythology of Eleusis. The proposal is completed with the design for the equipment of the square, which includes seating, kiosks, and lighting units. The competition was entered in collaboration with the architect Ariadni Vozani.