On the corner site, the residence occupies its inner angle so that it leaves the maximum free space of the site available. The building is arranged in a 'Γ' shape and abuts upon the boundaries of the site, apart from the inner angle, which has been removed. It is intended for occupation by a five-member family. The house has two entrances adjoining the boundaries of the site, which mean a notional bypassing of the corner of the building block, thus serving, in effect, different functional needs. The sitting-room, dining-room, with the kitchen and WC, and a small storeroom are located on the raised ground floor. The kitchen occupies a strategic point, making possible 'supervision' of what is happening in the house's surroundings. On the upper floor, the sleeping-quarters make up two different functional units. The spatial unit for the children is of a unified nature, while the parents' bedroom has been given a self-contained character, where the individual uses of the bathroom, the cupboards, and, above all, of the bedroom constitute a single whole.