The building composition is laid out in a 'Γ' shape. The approach to the composition seeks to break up and recompose the unimproved space of the site in parts of differing spatial qualities in order in this way to create the necessary gradation from the public to the private and from the exterior to the interior and vice versa. It is entered on the outer side of the building by means of a ramp. The daily living space of the residence is arranged in continuity with the entrance. The vertical traffic of the staircase and the catering area with the kitchen and its ancillary areas are sited on the other axis. The deliberate elongation of the movements and, by extension, of the building mass has as its purpose the feeling of a building much bigger than it is in reality, and the creation of a recess in the building, an intermediary of the exterior which is a natural extension of the interior and creates qualities of an inner courtyard - atrium open on one of its sides. The sleeping quarters of the parents and children, respectively, are on the upper floor, at the two extremities of the building mass. They have been designed in such a way as to be functionally independent.