2001 - 2004
This is a building containing two residences of differing size and functional needs. The relation between the two families, and by extension between the two houses was from the start the main stimulus for the composition. The way, that is to say, in which their lives would be held together and related. The siting of the trapezoidal swimming-pool on the upper floor between the two residences, the solution of a labyrinthine network of movement between the houses, and the adaptation of the building to the section of the inclined terrain were the basic composition challenges of the proposal. Both residents and visitors experience, with a differing degree of freedom, the immediacy of transition from the interior to the exterior, through the two residences. The interior is united with the exterior space, which has been designed as a continuation of it. Unimpeded movement and a sense of habitation reinforce the visual and functional permeability which is diffused throughout the building composition. The work was undertaken as a joint venture with the practice of the architects Memos Philippidis and Marita Nikoloutsou.
Photographs: Erieta Attali