2010 - 2011
This work is the continuation of a modernisation programme of a company engaged in the design and production of software. It involves the re-designing of an existing building complex which resulted from successive additions. It consists of three linear roofed areas which are deployed next to one another. The total area which they occupy is 57 x 45 metres, or 2,565 m2, and they are intended to house 150 work stations. Leaving perimeter walls and apertures intact, the intervention focused on the interior of the complex. The transformation of the space was based on the siting of an inner courtyard at its centre. The introverted complex took on a new reference. The atrium now introduces light and air into the interior of the building and organises the new layout around it. The network of movement is arranged in a spiral around the inner courtyard. The route from the main entrance ends in the atrium and meets vertically with the main axis of movement which runs through the building. At their meeting-point, and tangentially with the long side of the inner courtyard, the reception area takes shape. The basic network of movement is complemented by a third axis which leads to ancillary functions and the storerooms. The work was carried out in collaboration with the architect Panos Sakkas.
Photographs: Sylvia Diamantopoulou