2009 - 2011
The work belongs within the framework of the modernisation of a company producing software, and involves the reconstruction of an existing industrial building which houses 250 work stations. The instructions given dictated that the interventions should be confined to the interior of the building, leaving its shell intact. Roofing, structural features and internal walls with apertures were to be retained. At the same time, keeping to a limited and specific cost was set as a condition for the work to be carried out. The new layout proposed the incorporation of an amphitheatrical arrangement of levels which follow the slope of the roof and allow light to penetrate the depths of the space. It organises open - closed office premises as a function of the traffic network. The open office areas are sited near the windows on the lowest level; the basic movement in the space takes place on the intermediate level, while the closed office areas, which enjoy a pleasant oversight of the space, are located on the highest level. The work was carried out in collaboration with the architect Panos Sakkas.
Photographs: Sylvia Diamantopoulou