1998 - 1999
This is a case of the employment and re-use of existing industrial building units which have resulted from a fortuitous opportunity to make additions. The new programme set new functional data, resulting in the total re-designing of the complex.
The new proposal attempted to unify the dissimilar built components. For this purpose, it implemented a zone of exposed concrete and creates the conditions for a base which runs round the perimeter and symbolically 'binds' the complex. A series of interventions have been made on the building which houses the administrative functions. The most important of these is the shaping of its entrance. Traffic encounters the building 'strip', which in this area fades into a trapezoidal stairway which turns in parallel with the building and leads to the main entrance. The building surfaces are stripped of anything superfluous, and horizontal metal shades have been applied to the apertures. The production building is 'dressed' with vertical trapezoidal panels. The work was carried out in collaboration with the architect Katerina Ftara.